Summit Cycling Club

West River Drive Time Trial

  • 19 Apr 2014
  • 6:50 AM
  • West River Drive, Philadelphia, PA


  • To register please go to "join Rusty's team link.




The first West River Time Trial will be held on Saturday, April 19. Please tell all of your friends about this free event. We want to keep this thing alive and that means the need for the constant infusion of new bodies. See below about why the WRTT is a good thing. Please distribute to possible newbies.


We will be riding the short course for the first three Saturdays. There are charity events those days which start setting up by 6 AM at the usual start finish line. We must always be respectful of these events because they are paying a substantial sum for the use of the Drive. The short course starts and finishes on the Drive at the third light post after emerging from under the Spring Garden Street Bridge. Please be there to be registered by 6:50 AM so that the first rider can be off at 7. We need to be finished and off the road quickly to avoid interference with the event.


As always we need timers. Every ride requires two timers. I will be timing on 4/19 and will need assistance. Please let me know when you can time. There are only two real rules of the ride. They are: wear a helmet and if you ride you time. See how it works way down below.




IT’S FUN. For all of the reasons described below doing a time trial on a closed road at 7 AM on a Saturday is actually fun. It must be because it has been running continuously on an informal basis for so many years.


IT’S FREE. There are no licenses required or entry fees. Just show up on time and ride. And it happens every weekend from April to September. Not bad considering the $15 to $25 entry fees for many events.


IT’S SAFE. We ride on a road closed to traffic. There are no bunch starts or intimidating packs. The worst things that you may confront are the goslings crossing the road in May.


IT’S LOW KEY. There is no pressure and no hype. No medals, no ribbons, no prizes, no money. It’s so low key that when results are announced they’re given based upon start times not race times. Those who ride help make it happen.


IT’S FAST. Or as fast as you can go which is good enough for everyone who participates. There can be 15 minutes or more between the fastest time and the least fastest time. It makes no difference to the participants. It’s just an opportunity to do your best or the best for that Saturday morning.


IT’S LOCAL. Right in center city Philadelphia starting by the Art Museum. No need to travel 60 miles to a race.


IT’S OPEN TO ALL. All ages, all sexes, all levels of experience. Some Saturdays we will have a national champion, followed by a ten year old just starting to ride, followed by a guy in his seventies who is recovering from a stroke, followed by a mother of two teenage boys, followed by a neo-pro, followed by a Ph.D., followed by….


IT’S FRIENDLY. Everyone is interested in helping others improve. Information about technique, fitness or equipment is readily shared by all. There is a true camaraderie among the participants in their effort to improve their riding.


IT’S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE. Equipment can be important in time trials. In these time trials you ride what you have and don’t have to be embarrassed to be riding it. Occasionally it is fun to see the equipment put together by some. It gives you a chance to see whether the cost is worth the benefit.


IT’S OVER EARLY. You can put in a good warm up, ride hard in the time trial, be done by 8 AM, and still have the remainder of the day available to you.


IT’S YOUR FITNESS MONITOR. The distance and course are the same every week. You can chart your improvement easily.





Ride at your own risk. The ride is not sponsored by anyone or any organization. Riding is a waiver of any claim you may have against any person or entity.


If you ride, you time. The ride only works if people step up and help.


Ride with a helmet. No helmet, no time.


If it’s raining, don’t come.


Kids should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Everyone and everything, other than you, has the right of way.


The ride starts at 7 AM at the Art Museum exit of Martin Luther King Drive (West River Drive), except on days when there is another event. Notice will be given as to where the ride will begin when there is a conflicting event. Be at the start by 6:50 to sign in.


At sign-in a rider receives a number for that day’s ride. Upon receipt of the number the rider is that number.


Start/finish is at the same location.


Riders leave at thirty second intervals in ascending order of assigned number.


Rider receives a ten second notice and five second countdown for his or her start.


Ride to the right of the yellow line.


There is a 180 degree turn around five to eight yards short of the barricade at the Falls Bridge. There may or may not be a cone indicating turn around location. Don’t ride through the barrier.


When nearing the finish line, yell your number loudly and clearly three times so the timers can hear you. If the timers can’t hear you, there is no time for you.


Don’t bug the timers until all riders are in and times are calculated and announced.

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