Summit Cycling Club

The Saturday Ride Course

Note:  The route we have used for many years has become busier and road conditions have deteriorated more each year to the point where we think a change is necessary and thus we are exploring different route options.  Start location will remain at PJ's, the distance will remain approximately 45-50 miles and the vibe will be similar.  For more details of our current route please contact us.  

Summit Saturday

This is not a race.  The current course is 47 miles and flat. The road conditions are generally fair with moderate traffic and little to no shoulders in some locations. The course includes a 16 mile "warm-up" at 20-22mph, 7 sections 2 to 4 miles in length at race-pace (rotating pace line) with slightly slower sections between and a 5+/- mile "cool-down".  The overall average speed has typically been 21+ mph (incl warm up/cool down) with max speeds at 30+ mph.


Road Work Detour:

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