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The Summit Saturday Ride

The Summit Saturday morning ride is our premier weekly, year-around club training ride using a double paceline structure for EXPERIENCED riders.  This ride is open to Summit members, experienced guests and experienced riders from other team.  We reserve the right to request that you do not ride with us for any reason.

Start Location:  Parking lot at PJ Whelihan’s Pub at 1854 Marlton Pike East (Route 70 and Greentree Rd), Cherry Hill, NJ.  

Time:  Wheels out at 8:00 A.M. in the Spring/Summer (April - October) and 9:00 A.M. in the Fall/Winter (November - March).  

Use good judgment regarding inclement weather and safe road conditions.  Cancellations are not posted. 

Safe group ride etiquette is a must and all Summit Ride Rules must be followed.

New riders are asked to introduce themselves to a club member prior to the ride and communicate with the group if they are unfamiliar with the route or ride format.  A signed waiver is required from all non-club members. Helmets are required on all rides.  Failure to do so may result in asking you not to ride with the club.

Riders are expected to be experienced and to possess good bike handling skills and be comfortable in single and double pace-lines, riding in fast groups and being capable of changing a flat and otherwise taking care of oneself on a ride.  This is a fast ride and riders do get dropped from time to time. The club will stop to assist riders with flats and mechanicals and will try to watch out for new riders but does not ride 'sweep'.  

This is a friendly but competitive club ride and we are cranky about practicing good group ride etiquette and maintaining the paceline structure of our ride.  Our members are not shy about calling out disruptive or unsafe behavior.  Good ride manners are expected as your actions affect the safety of those around you. Stay focused and hold your line. Avoid darting, crossing wheels, crossing the yellow line, hard abrupt braking or making other sudden unexpected movements. And, don't look back during sprints which even causes experienced riders to swerve and possibly crash.   

Riders that are considered by the group to disregard our ride format and/or be a danger to others are not welcome and will be asked to leave

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