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Summit members also participate in local group rides, note that most are LEADERLESS, so you should be prepared to navigate on your own. These rides are not Summit rides unless noted.  These rides may not have structured pacelines and often consist of multiple skill levels and experience.  Some are seasonal.  Any rider exhibiting dangerous or reckless behavior will be asked not to participate. 

Sunday - Columbus Dunkin Donuts Ride

Race Training Ride - Year Round

Columbus Dunkin Donuts at 23205 Columbus-Florence Rd, Columbus NJ

This is a race training ride but not a race. EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. If you aspire to race you should attend as if you can do this you can do any race. Distance is 25 - 30 miles on local loops.  Need to show up warmed up.  High speed straight from the go.  There is no expection to wait for anyone who is dropped but there is little chance of getting lost.  Must follow traffic rules and stay within yellow lines.  'LEADERLESS'

This ride is held every Sunday year around weather permitting - weather cancellations are not posted.

Start Time:  Varies with season/weather conditions (Contact Kevin to confirm time.)

Info: Kevin Diller

Stow Road, Greentree Executive Center
Marlton, NJ 
Stow Road, Greentree Executive Center
Marlton, NJ 

           Sunday - Summit Costco                 Year Round

Costco-meet in the Costco Parking Lot

"Warm up" pace double pace line from the Costco parking lot down Marne HWY to and thru Mt. Holly to Jacksonville Road.  Down Jacksonville Road with a short “nature break”.  Left on Oxmead, continue on to Masonic home STOP sign and turn left (this turn is not a breakaway opportunity).  Right at Little Oxmead and right onto Old York.  Once on Old York road the ride is free to go and form up as one’s ability or desire allows, no one will be asked to slow down.  3 inner or “small loops” is the standard, The loops are all right turns.  Riders can choose to do 1, 2, or 3 loops.  Last loop goes straight through the light and heads to 5 points and down Jacksonville, through Mt. Holly and back to Costco.  There is a opportunity at the gas station at Jacksonville and Woodland for a regroup for those riders that drop or do less than 3 inner loops.  Riders can head for the gas station and wait for the group.  Approx. 45 mi. 'LEADERLESS'

Start Time:  8:00 am Summer (April - October). 9:00 am Winter (November - March)

Info: Tom G

 or Bill C 


This is a Summit Cycling Club Ride, Summit ride rules apply.

            Monday - Peppy Legs               Seasonal

Lenape High School, Hartford Road
Medford, NJ

24 miles, Read & honor ride parameters: Friendlier B+ pace sans motivation to hammer anyone into the ground. Three sprint zones are intended as entertaining distraction. Then ease off to Regroup.(please make effort to shut it down after Jackson sprint)

Cannot make 5:45 start?  Meet us in route.  Main St @ 5:55 or Tuckerton @ 6:05.  'LEADERLESS' Route

Starts on March 19 @ 5:45 ( for March)

Start Time:  6 pm (begins in April)

Contact Info: John:


Tuesdays and Thursdays     

            Tortoise and Hare            


Taunton Forge Shopping Center rear lot, Tuckerton Rd, Medford, NJ

27 miles - “No holds barred” fast on Tuesday with area racing teams participating (hares), expect constant attacks. Less insane on Thursday with brisk but steadier tone.

***There are handful of "us" interested in maintaining Tortoise pace after getiing popped on Atsion.

 For the experienced rider with paceline experience and ability to hold one's line AND OBSERVE TRAFFIC SIGNALS/STOP SIGNS. 'LEADERLESS' Route:

Starts on March 20 /March 22 @ 5:45 (for March)

Start Time:    6 pm  (begins in April)

Contact Info: John:

Wednesday Morning

Pizza Ride

Year  Round

Freedom Park, Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ

50-55 miles rolling to flat.
Great post-weekend recovery ride that is relaxed and enjoyable.  This a social ride with some steady base miles, plenty of optional breakaways and a friendly tone. Break at halfway point.

Start Time: 9:30 am All year long   
Do not hesitate to email if conditions are questionable. Start time may move to avoid wet/icy roads,excessive heat/cold.

Info: Jerry

Wednesdays - Super Wed Weekly  Seasonal

(Formerly the Super G ride)

Shop Rite  
Union Mill Rd. & Elbo Lane, Mount Laurel, NJ

 Super Wed Weekly  
 31 miles. This is a Group ride, not a race simulation.  .21mph to Red Lion with steady paceline rotations encouraged.. 

Starts March 21 @ 5:45 (for March)

Wed: 6 pm (begins in April)

Contact Info: John

        Thursdays - Greentree Crit           Seasonal

Stow Road, Greentree Executive Center
Marlton, NJ

Elite level criterium training (not a race). 
Starts Time:  6 pm   Warmup before 6:15PM when an hour and five laps starts. High pace.  Experienced cornering at high speed, skilled riders only!!

Info:  George Wood

       Friday Morning - Hammonton         Year Round

The ride will head out to  Casciano's in Hammonton and stop for coffee. 

Meet at Jackson and Kettle Run, Atco, NJ - 9:30 am - approximately 45 miles, generally at a B pace, could be more or less contingent upon who shows up.

Info: Trish

This ride is a Summit Cycling Club Ride, Summit ride rules apply.

                                  9-8-13 Don Hard takes gold at the Senior Olympics

Summertime alternatives when at the Jersey Shore

Beacon Racing   Info:

Jersey Shore Cycling Club  Info:



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