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  By now, many of you have heard the unfortunate news of Joe's incredibly serious bicycling accident.  This accident left Joe with a broken neck and he is currently paralyzed from the chest down.  This is by no means a permanent condition and Joe has been working tirelessly, on a daily basis, to try to remedy his condition. Rehab has been a long arduous task and Joe is fighting every single day to get back on his feet like a true warrior.  Joe's family and friends have been there every step of the way.  Many more people have shown Joe endless love and support through social media, countless emails, calls, and cards. 

Unfortunately, these types of injuries can take some time to heal and Joe's doctors have not given him a definitive time frame on his recovery.  There are no guarantees and the future is uncertain; however, one unequivocal certainty will remain, that Joe will face this injury full bore every step of the way.  He will not let anything deter him from getting healthy and back to his family.

As we all know, life continues to move forward no matter what the circumstances.  Medical bills have continued to pile up, and medical insurance will not cover the alterations that are needed to make his house accessible for him, when he returns home.  Please join us in providing some monetary support to help Joe and his family while combating some of these financial hardships.  Joe and his family thank you in advance for anything that you are able to contribute.

Listed below is a link to Joe’s fundraising PayPal account.    Please use the link to make a donation to Joe.   Let him know the Bicycling Community has not forgotten him.    As an incentive, the Summit club will match all donations up to a total club contribution of $1,000.00

Joe’s spirits will be lifted knowing you are pulling for him.  

Thank you in advance for your help.

Summit Cycling Club

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