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The Saturday Ride

Note:  The route below has changed. The route we have used for many years has become busier and road conditions have deteriorated more each year to the point where we think a change is necessary.  In 2018 we are exploring different route options.  Start location will remain at PJ's, the distance will remain approximately 50 miles and the vibe will be similar.  For details of our current route please contact us.  

Current route while we continue to explore others:

This is not a race.  The course is 50 miles and flat. The road conditions are generally fair  with moderate traffic and little to no shoulders in some locations. The course includes a 17 mile warm-up, 26 miles at race-pace with an intermediate and a final sprint, and a 9 mile cool-down.

Summit Saturday

Our group peloton is ever-changing, the pace and terrain changes often, our roads are showing wear and tear, and the pack stretches and compresses causing some tight quarters.  Stay Alert!  Ride smoothly and avoid hard breaking, swerving, crossing wheels and crossing the yellow line, be respectful of those around you, don't look back! Remember that communicating to your fellow riders is key to a safe ride.   WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ASK YOU NOT TO RIDE WITH US AND/OR DENY/REVOKE MEMBERSHIP.


The course heads east from PJ’s parking lot on Greentree Rd. toward Rt. 73.  After crossing Rt.73 a double pace line forms at +/- 20 mph.  We follow Greentree Rd to the right turn onto Church Road, We follow Church Rd. to the 'T' intersection in Vincentown, turn right and cross Rt. 206 where the group slows (but does not stop) for those who need a nature break. The group rides easy for a mile or so to allow everyone to get back on then the pace begins to pick up.

Race Pace #1

After a right at Ridge Rd. and a left at New Rd. (mile 15) the rotation quickens and the pace increases to 25 mph+, crosses Rt. 70 and continues on New Rd. to the right turn at Tabernacle Rd. (Nixon’s General Store) and a quick left turn at Carranza Rd.

At this point (mile 20) some riders on occasion will slow to form a second group. On Carranza, pace in the main group will increase with speeds reaching 30 mph+ to the right turn at Forked Neck to the intermediate sprint to the “Stop Ahead” sign prior to Rt. 206 (mile 26).

After crossing Rt. 206, the group will ride easy for a mile or so before resuming race pace.

Race Pace #2

After turning left at Jackson Rd. (mile 28.5), the pace picks up and speeds up to 30 mph+ should again be expected to the right turn at Mill Rd. (mile 35). Watch for loose gravel here!

By this time the main group has often fractured in two or more smaller groups and regrouping or waiting for slower riders should not be expected. On Mill, the pace generally slows some until the turn onto Hopewell Rd. (mile 37).

Race Pace #3

After the left turn from Hopewell Rd. onto Kettle Run (mile 38) speed increases again building to the final sprint to the marked finish (mile 42).  Note: This road is rough and narrow with traffic in both directions.  Crossing the yellow center line will NOT be tolerated.

Cool Down

After some good natured trash talking and exchangeing of lame excuses, there is a 9 mile 'easy' ride across Rt. 73, up Kresson Rd. to Marlkress and back to PJ’s.

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