Summit Cycling Club

Membership Application Requirements

Membership in the Summit Cycling Club requires potential members to READ the Membership Guidelines

1. Contact a board member through the Petition for Membership web page to notify of interest in becoming a member.

A designated board member will inform the potential member that he/she needs to be endorsed by a fellow rider and will need to ride with the group on Saturday for 3 or more rides to discern whether the potential member possesses the Common Denominators: good sportsmanship, good group etiquette, good judgment, adherence to traffic laws.

We may solicit input and feedback from members and/or regular meeting attendees of the potential member’s interest regarding the riders’ sportsmanship/athleticism when they participate in the Club Rides.

If the rider is known to the board members as already possessing the skills necessary to ride safely with the club and has demonstrated good sportsmanship, good group etiquette and judgment, then membership may be approved without requiring the potential member to participate in 3 subsequent rides.

2. Participate in at least 3 Saturday rides if the rider is unknown

3. Acceptance/declination of membership is determined by a vote of the board members


If potential member has:  shown good sportsmanship, demonstrated the athletic ability to ride safely in a pace line; conducted self in a professional manner along with abiding by traffic laws and exercising good judgment, he/she should be admitted to the club.


We have the right to decline membership.  One of the club board members may communicate to the member the reason for the denial. 


Continued Membership in the Summit Cycling Club requires members/guests to observe and practice the Common Denominators

Those riders who continually violate the Common Denominator requirements will not be permitted to renew their membership and can be asked not to ride with the club.  If you endorse a rider it is your responsibility to ensure they practice safe riding and exercise good group etiquette and judgment along with good paceline practices.  Endorsing a rider?  Then you must be an existing club member who has been a member with the club for more than one year.

Guests are expected to follow Summit Club rules as well, those who do not will be asked not to ride with the club, this includes riders who do not exercise good group etiquette, try to break up our ride, or are perceived as dangerous by other club members.



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